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Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for purchasing or licencing digital photos online from

Summarised Plain-English Standard Terms and Conditions:

  • The copyright for licenced images remains with Adam Dimech.
  • An image must not be used for any purpose beyond that specified in the licencing agreement, without prior written approval.
  • An image must not be passed-on to any other organisation or individual (including media) without prior written approval.
  • Images must be attributed to "Adam M. Dimech" and/or "". Where appropriate (and requested), copyright should be indicated with the phrase "© 2020, Adam Dimech".
  • A physical copy of the work (or a printable PDF where agreed) containing the licenced image shall be provided free.
  • Agreement to the Photologium full-text Standard Terms and Conditions form a condition of use.

Full Text Standard Terms and Conditions:


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