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Internet Explorer 6 is not supported

If you're viewing this web page through the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) browser, you will have seen a dialogue box asking you to update. You are strongly urged to do so.

On account of its age and lack of standards support, this website does not support IE6.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was released in 2001 and has since been superseded by three newer versions.

In simple terms:

  • IE6 doesn't render CSS properly. CSS is critical to modern web design layout, as well as much functionality. IE6 doesn't render CSS v.2 correctly, which affects the presentation of many modern websites, including this one.
  • IE6 doesn't display transparent PNG images: Transparent PNGs are a type of image file format that make websites look good. IE6 places a grey box behind transparent PNG images. (This website uses a JavaScript to fix this issue, which slows the page load time for IE6 users.)
  • IE6 is insecure: On account of its age, and because Microsoft no longer support IE6, the browser is full of security holes that compromise your computer and your privacy.

In order to make websites backwards-compatible, web developers need to insert a lot of extra code, which is time consuming. In recent times Google, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube have all stopped supporting IE6.

The latest version of Internet Explorer is free, and will take less than 5 minutes to update. If you're behind a corporate firewall, please ask your employer to allow you to upgrade.

Alternatively, you can install a copy of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Apple Safari.

Microsoft Internet Explorer can be upgraded from

More information can be obtained from Microsoft's own IE6Countdown website.


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